Dear Valued Channel Partner,

The beauty about being on the latest version is that you'll never have to wait for or install another DVD again. The new Automatic Update feature means all future upgrades and software builds are deployed via the internet direct to your Sage Pastel accounting program!

You'll receive the 12.1.4 Automatic Update this week and All Sage Pastel Version 12 customers will receive the 12.1.4 update thereafter.  Should you require the build for clients who do not have an internet connection, it will be available for download on both on the Customer and Reseller Zones during the course of this week.

What's new in Version 12.1.4?

Version 12.1.4 comes these great new enhancements:

  • Copy an existing inventory item to create a new one – this will create a duplicate of the inventory item & leave the code blank, giving you the chance to enter a new code.
  • A wizard to help you manage your on hold documents – taking them off hold, or placing them on hold.
  • Multiple e-mail addresses for customers – giving you the flexibility to enter a recipient e-mail address to receive invoices, and a different e-mail address to receive statements.
  • Important Tax Manager updates and fixes.


How do I go about setting up and using Automatic Updates?

The great thing about Automatic Updates is that they're - yes, you guessed it - automatic. The Automatic Update function can be set to check for updates when opening Sage Pastel Accounting, on a daily basis or on a weekly basis. A setting has been included to always ask before downloading the updates and while downloading the update, a progress bar displays and before the update is downloaded, a history of changes made to your software will be displayed.

For a document detailing steps on how to use the Automatic Update function, click here. To watch a short tutorial video on the automatic updates click here.

IMPORTANT: It's imperative that you install this update prior to doing your next VAT submission.


Please note that due to the release of Version 12 our support lines are inundated.  To obtain support purely on the Automatic Update function,  please use the contacts below:


  • Call 011 304 3300
  • Select option 3 for assistance on Automatic Updates
  • E-mail for e-mail assistance



The Sage Pastel Support Team