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Manage your VAT periods and reporting using the new Pastel Tax Manager
Closing VAT periods is essential to ensure correct VAT reporting to SARS and VAT reconciliations. With the new Tax Manager, you can set up your VAT reporting periods, process your transactions as usual, and at the end of each VAT period, print your VAT reports and close the period. Back-dated transactions will automatically form part of the next VAT period.

Multiple company conversions
Gone are the days where you need to select and convert one company at a time. You can now convert multiple sets of data at once. This feature allows you to select the companies you wish to convert and it converts all of them into Pastel Accounting Version 12.

Duplicate reference numbers on customer documents
Have you ever created an invoice for your customer and used the same reference number for that customer? With Pastel Accounting Version 12 you will now be warned when using the same reference number for the same customer. A little additional feature, but a big step towards helping you avoid processing duplicate orders.

New features and functionality in Pastel Point of Sale
The facility for Pack Sizes has been added. This is ideal for industries buying in packs or cases from their suppliers, and then need to split the items into different size packs, either bigger or smaller. A good example would be a bottle store who would purchase in cases and then may need to break the case down and sell as 6 packs or single units.

• In Pastel Point of Sale you can now drill-down to the Age Analysis and statements.
• A new option has been added to force a customer who has exceeded their credit limit to pay cash only.
• The following payment types have been added to the Cash In/Cash Out screen – Cheque, Card, E.F.T.
• The PDF & normal documents can now be designed differently.
• Setup different printers for the various document types per user. This can be setup through the Pastel Printer/Font setup.
• The ability to resize and save columns in the processing screen has been added

New features and functionality in Pastel Debtors Manager (Pastel Partner only)
The Pastel Debtors Manager module provides your collections team with a structured approach to debtor management. The easy-to-use debtor manager tool-set instantly improves the effectiveness of your accounts teams’ collections activities. From a management point of view, Debtors Manager provides clear visibility of all aspects of the debtors book, and the outcome of all collections activities. You can easily track activities, monitor the collection progress, and measure performance. Debtors Manager delivers results – it will boost your cash flow, reduce the number of days of outstanding sales, and reduce the risk of write-offs.

Brand new - Debtors Dashboard
The Debtors Dashboard tracks collection activity and provides vital debtors information. The dashboard provides management with instant visibility relating to debtors status and collection activity. The dashboard is designed for instant one-click e-mailing to designated members of the management team.

MS SQL database
• Is developed specifically for clients who have a high volume of debtors transactions in their database.
• MS SQL 2008 R2 provides speed and reliability
• The easy Softline Install Wizard guides the SQL installation process
• There is no extra cost to clients that are currently using the Access version
• The Conversion Wizard converts Access data to MS SQL data

Sales analysis
Debtors Manager offers a 12 month rolling sales analysis, displaying sales per customer, per month. This new analysis allows users to instantly identify a fall-off in sales activity, and refocus efforts on retaining existing client business.

SMS functionality**
Use Debtors Manager to SMS payment reminders to overdue customers. Select debtors according to their ageing bucket, along with other filter options.
**sms credits need to be purchased.

Balance forward debtors
Improved functionality - e-mail and SMS payment reminders can now be sent to balance forward customers. Summarised contact report - is an ideal report for users that want an all in one view of the age analysis. The latest contact notes will also be saved, as well as PTP’s saved.

*Available as an optional add-on module to Pastel Accounting Version 12.