October 2009

 Error : ‘V10.ENG not found’ when opening Pastel Xpress

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The above error may appear when opening the Pastel Xpress program.

N.B.      V10.ENG not found will correspond with the product version that you have installed. Should you be running Pastel Xpress 2007 and experience the following error, it will then display as V9.ENG not found, program, ending etc.
There are two possible reasons for this error:

1. There is a problem with the shortcut icon on the desktop used to launch the program which needs to be corrected, or
2. A corrupt language folder needs to be replaced.

In the solution below, we will illustrate where to find the shortcut icon and what to look for in an attempt to resolve the error. The Language folder contains various files that are required or which need to be registered in order for the program to be functional.

You may require your Pastel CD/DVD to run a repair on the program to correct this problem.


To solve the error for a Single User / Workgroup environment (normally up to a 5 user network)

1. Locate the Pastel Xpress shortcut icon on the desktop. Right click on the icon and select Properties and then select the Shortcut tab. The Start In should be C:\Xpress09\


2. If the Start In does not point to the correct location, then you will need to correct this by typing in C:\Xpress09 in the field. If it does then the solution to the problem is more involved and will require you to replace the Language folder and run a repair on the program using the Pastel CD/DVD.

Before you proceed to point 3, you will need to ensure the CD/DVD version matches the version installed on your computer. If at this stage you are unable to access your Pastel Xpress program, follow the instructions below to find out which version/build you have installed.

  • Locate the Xpress2009.exe, by right-clicking on the Start button which is generally located on the lower left hand corner of your desktop screen  .
  • Choose the option, Explore.
  • On the left hand side of the screen search for and click on Local Disk (C:)


  • Now search for the Pastel09 folder. Once located, double-click on this folder, which will display a number of different files and folders within it.
  • Locate the Xpress2009.exe file


  • Right click on the file and select the Properties option.
  • The screen below will display:
      • Select the Version tab; this will display the version/build you have installed on Pastel Xpress on your computer.



Having established which version you are running, you can now proceed with troubleshooting Solution 2.

1. Delete the shortcut icon on the desktop by right-clicking on the Xpress 2009 icon and selecting the option Delete. Please note that this does not delete the program, simply the shortcut.
2. Locate the language folder by right clicking on the Start button and selecting Explore
3. Browse for the Local Drive (C :\) and locate the Xpress09 folder. Double-click on the folder and then find the Custom Folder and double-click on that, a number of files and folders will be displayed.


4. Right click on the Language folder, select the Rename option and change the name to ‘Language. Old’.


5. Once this is done, close the window. Insert your Pastel CD/DVD into your computer and proceed as if you were to reinstall the program. During the installation it will prompt you to Repair, Remove or Modify.


6. Select the Repair option and continue until finished. Running a repair on the program will replace the Language folder that you have renamed to .Old with a new Language folder, with the necessary files required for the program to operate.
7. Once completed, restart your computer and you will be able to successfully open the program. The Shortcut icon will once again automatically appear on the desktop after running a repair on the program.

NOTE: Running a repair on Pastel after installing from a CD/DVD may cause the following error to be displayed when trying to open the company:

This means that you were previously on a higher build, and in order to access the data in Pastel you will need to update to the most recent build available (previously in this example we indicated the File Version 10.1.03)

For instructions on how to update to the most recent build or the build you are currently on, from the Pastel website, click here.

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